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What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant

Basically, a Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who works doing task remotely.

Virtual Assistants do tasks that businesses or people do not have time to do or do not want to do, or simply do not know how to do. Technology has changed everything, and as a result VA’s are in demand by entrepreneurs and online businesses.

So many successful small businesses these days rely on virtual support, especially for specific tasks, such as marketing and social media management. If you are a entrepreneur who is feeling overwhelmed, then you would love having a VA!

What are some of the jobs can a Virtual Assistant do?

– Social Media management
– Email management
– Email automation
– Website building and upkeep
– SEO and Pinterest management
– Blog management
– Email marketing
– Project manager

These task are only some of the tasks Virtual Assistants can do, but they can do whatever is needed. VA’s can not do a coffee run (like I used to do back in the day, LOL), but they can do almost anything else an assistant can do! This kind of flexibility makes working with people who are in different time zones easy. It also gives both the clients and the Virtual Assistant flexibility.

virtual assistant
How a Virtual Assistant can help small businesses.

Why Entrepreneurs need to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Save time and money

Virtual Assistants are typically a freelance contractor, so you save money by not hiring an employee. You also save on office space and benefits.

Entrepreneurs usually do not have time to do those everyday task necessary to keep the business growing and thriving.

One of the biggest things Virtual Assistants provide assistance with marketing, web design.

Business owners want to run their businesses smoothly, and by hiring help, it reduces stress, and the wonder can concentrate on the parts of the business they love the most.

Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Most the times Virtual Assistants are not employee’s, they are freelance contractors.

VA’s charge between $20- $50 an hour; some will charge $100 / hour for specialized projects depending on the tasks and experience.

Packages are available for special projects. VA’s can be hired for a short period of time to do projects or long term for regular tasks.

My Experience in being a Virtual Assistant

My Virtual Assistant skills specialize in marketing and websites. In the last year I have been working with clients in the travel industry and organic product industry, and I love, love, love it. My specialty is in Social Media (Instagram and Facebook) and Pinterest. I love building websites, working on Search Engine Optimization, and utilizing Pinterest to drive traffic to websites. Also, mailing automation and every to do with marketing is also my jam!

How do you hire me as a Virtual Assistant?

If you are interested in a free consultation to see if I am a good fit for helping you, lets talk!

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

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