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Hey, I'm Aimee


Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my bestie and our two kids, I have a passion for all things nature, camping, photography, coffee, paddleboarding, Aurora chasing in Alaska and helping fellow entrepreneurs build bad-ass websites.

I Foraging for clams, mushrooms, or wild berries

for fun 

Visiting National Parks

we love 

Camping  around the PNW

we love 

I work as a Seasonal Aurora Tour Guide in  Fairbanks Alaska 

I have lived in Washington state for 19 years

I grew up in southern California

 Fun Facts

After a day of working behind the computer screen I balance this busy life with nature adventures.

Why hire me?

because doing a DIY website sounds like a good idea  until you get started and your like, 

That is where I come in, and we'll get it done!

Experience and knowledge are everything! What I bring to the table is my personal experience & knowledge about photography, branding, Wordpress, blogging, and websites. This girl knows stuff! 

 WTF was I thinking!

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PNW Adventures
Fairbaks Alaska
Nature and Dark Sky

I started blogging 8+ years ago as a personal blog, but it has evolved into a PNW adventure blog over the years. The goal is to inspire others to get outside in nature and explore the beautiful world around us. Whether you are just headed to PNW for a visit or a local, check out the blog to get ideas and inspo for some of the best PNW adventures!

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