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for photographers,  & small business owners

Showit Website Designer

Hey, I'm Aimee

Why hire me?

because doing a DIY website sounds like a good idea  until you get started and your like, 

That is where I come in, and we'll get it done!

Experience and knowledge are everything! What I bring to the table is my personal experience & knowledge about photography, branding, Wordpress, blogging, and websites. This girl knows stuff! 

 WTF was I thinking!

Ready to uplevel your website?
 We should chat! Chats are always free, and with a 20-minute conversation, I can give you the direction you need to get started!  


Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family. I have a passion for all things nature, camping, photography, coffee, paddleboarding, and helping fellow entrepreneurs build bad-ass websites.

More about me?

I Foraging for clams, mushrooms, or wild berries

for fun 

Visiting National Parks

we love 

Camping  around the PNW

we love 

We plan on splitting our time between Washington & Wyoming in the next couple years  

I have lived in Washington state for 18 years

I grew up in southern California

 Fun Facts

After a day of working behind the computer screen I feel balance this busy life with nature adventures.