We, photographers, need a website so we can share our photography with potential clients. A website is a necessary tool to direct people on where to book our services or purchase prints! 

If you're going to work on your Website with fellow photographers, you may as well do it with epic views! Spend a few days at the very tip of Port Townsend and leave with a new published website! 

On breaks, we will enjoy access to Fort Worden and get a Lighthouse tour.

If you have been thinking you want a website but need help figuring out where to start, I got you! 

Why you need a website! 

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A beautiful online presence

Ability to connect clients to your store

Search Engine Optimized

Book your clients

Walk away with a website with...

You get to pick my brain about your online presence 

I show you how to optimize your website for google

You learn how to maintain your website

I set up the tech before the retreat

Think you may want join us for the next one but want to chat about it first?

Ready to invest in your business

  • Retreat Includes:
  • 4 days and 3 nights stay; your own room at Point Wilson Lighthouse
  • Women's photographer meet up participation
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from a local bakery
  • Lighthouse tour / Fort Worden tour
  • All techy work done by me and I provide  one on one mentorship and education
  • Mentor and provide the foundation on how to maintain your and update your website
  • E-book for wordsmithing and detailed instructions and 1-1 support to help you gather the necessary content for your Website build
  • I help you set up sign up for your Website and do the tech work ahead of time to connect your domain
  • I show you how to customize your new Website, update, SEO, and maintain it
  • You get a private tour of the Lighthouse
  • You get full access to Fort Worden for doing photography

Did I mention you get your OWN room and stay IN A LIGHTHOUSE!!! 

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The Location

YES! I love using the blog with my showit website more than any other platform. You design your blog on the showit platform and manage it on WordPress. You will connect to WordPress through your domain and manage it on the WordPress platform. 

Can I have a blog

Showit is the host. With Showit, you will have automatic backups, no plugins to update, and a discount when you purchase annually. 

Where do I host my website? 

After using half a dozen different platforms, I found Showit to be the best and easiest platform. You will have design freedom, super easy to upkeep, and you will have total creative control. They also have amazing customer service, and automatic backups are included in the monthly cost.

Why I use Showit to design my websites

Common questions answered...

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