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30+ Website Designs done

7+ years building websites

7+ years blogger

2+ years on showit

8+ years building websites      4+years on showit       50+ Designs built on Showit       8+ years blogging experience  

You could build your own website or update it yourself, Showit IS the most user friendly platform out there! But then what about all the back-end tech things that matter?

  • Search Engine optimization
  • embedded code
  • setting up your blog
  • making the magic happen between Showit and WordPress
  • setting up plug-ins you need but are not sure how to make them work? I got you!

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The Services 

Website Design

Skip the hassle and work with someone who knows WEBSITES! As a Photographer, blogger, and small business owner, I know how to help get your website up to par! 

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VIP Daily services 

Keeping it fresh! As your business changes, your website needs will change. I love to continue to work with clients to help them grow and maintain their websites. I also love to do those necessary tweaks or even more extensive upgrades, so your website keeps evolving as your business evolves. 

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Full custom built Website
& launch

Vincent Ledvina
"The aurora guy"

Full custom Website design

Breath. Choose. life

Full custom Website design

Allure Medical Aesthetics

VIP day 
Template and Launch

Arin Hayley

Full custom Website design

Evolution Health

Stephanie Travels

Full Template Setup and launch

Template setup - VIP day

2nd Impressions Photography

Full custom design, branding, Copywriting and logo

Allender Appraisals, LLC

Template redesign and upkeep

hotflashes and boarding passes 

Full custom design and light branding and upkeep

Hatton Godat Pantier

Full custom build, branding and blog set up and upkeep

Aimee in the pnw

Template Assistance  - VIP day

Reverie  Photography

Full custom built Website
& launch

anthology homes

Full custom built Websites designed  for photographers

Template for Sale


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Meet the designer

Hey again, I'm Aimee

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and two daughters. We are lovers of nature, camping, national parks, and photography! 

In 2019 I went to Bali and met a couple of women who changed my life. I went back to Bali in February 2020 to take a marketing, branding, photography, and website building course. Since then, I have been working full-time, helping fellow photographers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners build an online presence that perfectly represents their business and brand!

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