Get your to-do list done in one day! 

Let's set up a VIP day

If you

  • Have a template you need set up and launched?
  • Need branding and help to get your online presence up to par?
  • You need some changes and updates to your showit website and do not have time to do it yourself?
  • Need your blog set up or help with blog coaching?

You have my undivided attention for the  day, and we can tackle everything on your list!  I have over 3 years of experience with blogs, domains, and website stuff... I would love to help you get it all done!

VIP Day packages are a great fit for everybody!

You work with me for the day and you get to pick my brain. We can discuss branding, website domains, SEO, blogging and so much more.  It can be a-lot, I have been there, done that.. I got you! 

Pick my brain

You know what the timeline is and when your project will be done.  You will not be waiting months to finish it up your to-do list

Set timeline

On VIP days I dedicate the day to working with you and nobody else. The only thing I concentrate that day is your work.

My Undivided Attention

You know the cost upfront and the timeline is set. 

No Surprises

VIP day Perks

VIP Days

If the thought of maintaining your website scares ya, then do not worry, I offer other services to help you upkeep it. “I not only build you a website that speaks to your clients, but I also ensure you can manage your website long-term, even if that means you and I work together long term to keep it fresh and functional as your business grows. 

If you need to upkeep an existing website or put those final touches on a website build that is almost ready to launch but needs a second set of eyes and a few tweaks, we can get it done! 

If you bought a template, have your branding ready, have everything you need to include on your website, then I am your gal. 

Let's get your website up and going in no time! 

On VIP day, I will need everything on the checklist I will provide to you. YOu will also have support for 30 days after the build. 

This is perfect for the business/person who needs to get sh%t done quickly and efficiently! 

I am available for a week after our VIP day to answer any question or help with any tweaking


Upon wrap up, we will do a zoom call or I will send a video going over all the work


I have all the assets  and we are ready to get the day started. We tackle all of our task and get the work done


Pre VIP day strategy call on zoom or phone to figure out a action plan for our day. Set up a date if not already set


Set up a chat, either thru call or email 


VIP Timeline

Let's Chat

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