You need a showit website designer who knows what you need, even when you don't know!  

Showit VIP Day

Let's check off your to-do list in one day

Whether you found a template, need some customizations, or need to add some pop-ups or coding, we can get it done! Your to-do list will be crushed in one day! 

VIP Days

Choose a template, branding and font families and knock a website out in a day

Choose your own adventure

You provide the blog content, I will set it up and upkeep your wordpress

Monthly Blog services

Got a template you need to launch? 

Template & Launch

Explore what can be done during a VIP day

SEO updates, swapping content, DNS settings or just a second set of eyes on your website

Keep reading to find out what to expect and to learn more about Template and Launch and Choose your own Adventure ↓

You work with me for the day and you get to pick my brain. We can discuss branding, website domains, SEO, blogging and so much more.  It can be a-lot, I have been there, done that.. I got you! 

Pick my brain

You know what the timeline is and when your project will be done.  You will not be waiting months to finish it up your to-do list

Set timeline

On VIP days I dedicate the day to working with you and nobody else. The only thing I concentrate on that day is your work.

My Undivided Attention

You know the cost upfront and the timeline is set. 

No Surprises

VIP Day Perks

Investments start at $650

We are done!  We will wrap up what was on the to-do list and will be available to aswer any questions that you may have or if anything  comes up in the month to follow

I have all the assets and we are ready to get the day started. We tackle all of our task and get the work done

Upon wrap up, we will do a zoom call , send a email or I will send a video going over all the work

Your to-do list is good to go! I will set up a project task board on Asana, so you have all your homework done before your start date


Let's get your to do list done →

Website Designs 

If you have browsed the templates and found the one you love, we can put your photos and copy in there and help you get it live! I do all the back end, and SEO things that most people miss.  When I am done doing my magic, I'll show you how to manage it! Templates are an amazing option for small businesses on a budget and/or those who need to keep ongoing costs at a minimum. Let's make an appointment to chat.

template setup & launch

 Web Design

It's always a pleasure working with Aimee. She always goes above and beyond and she has a "can do" attitude with every new project she takes on. I'm always impressed by her and would hire her for any project I needed help with.

Ebonee Travels
Website builder, blogger

VIP Service

I recently needed help working on my photography business website and reached out to Aimee Danielson of Aimee Danielson Designs. After a short conversation with Aimee, she suggested I become a VIP client and I am so happy that I agreed that this was the way to go. Within two days she became completely in tune with my vision and put together a website for me that promoted my business in the most relevant and sharpest way possible. At times it seemed like Aimee was reading my mind. Not only did she complete my site beautifully and corrected my mistakes, but she made videos clarifying many actions so that I can manage the site myself in the future. The process of working with Aimee was so comfortable and easy and I highly recommend her for anyone who needs website assistance.

Kim Brooker 
2nd impressions photography

VIP service

Aimee was awesome. I had a project that I needed turned around fast and boy… she delivered! She was very thorough, communicative during the entire process, and made everything very easy for me (the client). Thank you again, Aimee!

Sweetest snaps

Custom Build & Upkeep

Aimee redesigned our company website and the end result is so user-friendly with a creative design to attract new clients! Working with Aimee was a pleasure and I really appreciated her suggestions, ideas and thoughts on how to expand our client base and attract top talent to our company.

Hatton Godat Pantier
engineering & survey Firm

Web Design & Upkeep

Aimee Danielson seriously rocks folks! If you are needing assistance branding your business with a website, she is your girl! 
Her rates are extremely reasonable for the quality of work you get! Hit her up immediately to help your business soar!!!

She prioritizes and makes things happen very quickly! Tell her I sent ya!! Thanks again lady we love everything you have done for us!

Bejoyful Holistics

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