Why I Love using showit

I am a creative at heart, and I felt I could finally show off my creative side with Showit. The more I looked into Showit, the more I realized it is a favorite for photographers and small businesses, and for a good reason.

Showit works with Wordpress.org on the backend, and it is easy to use. You aesthetically design it on Showit, and it drops your blog perfectly on what you created. 

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No coding or HTML knowledge is needed to build the site or upkeep it 


No plug-ins to upkeep


Effortless automatic backups


Responsive across all devices






WHy i use showit to design and build websites

Let’s work together to transform your story into a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing website. 

YES! I love using the blog with my showit website more than any other platform. You design your blog on the showit platform and manage it on WordPress. You will connect to WordPress through your domain and manage it on the WordPress platform. 

Can I have a blog

Showit is the host. With Showit, you will have automatic backups, no plugins to update, and a discount when you purchase annually. 

Where do I host my website? 

After using half a dozen different platforms, I found Showit to be the best and easiest platform. You will have design freedom, super easy to upkeep, and you will have total creative control. They also have amazing customer service, and automatic backups are included in the monthly cost.

Why I use Showit to design my websites

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Showit Magic 

So you're ready to get started with Showit? I have a magical link to share with you that will give you  a FREE month with a new subscription to Showit!