Address: 200 Battery Way E,
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Phone: (360) 344-4412

The interior of the "Chief's" house has been lovingly restored it is our home for the next few days! The home features:
  • 4 bedrooms (sleeps 8 - beds are made and ready to go)
  • 2 full bathrooms (toiletries provided)
  • Kitchen (with all the appliances, coffee, tea, and more)
  • Dining Room (formal)
  • Livingroom (with a water view)
  • Free WIFI

The stay

Where to Park

Our check-in time for the lighthouse stay is 3 pm. I will be in town a couple of hours before then to run errands and get ready, so feel free to call or text if you're around. 

Check in time

You will come to a large gate when you pull up the lighthouse. Slide it open and close it behind you. You will park in the parking lot and the house we are staying in on the right, the single-story ranch. We will be around on the property or in the house. Just come on it! 

  • Computer
  • External storage if you have it with your photos 
  • Notepad and pens / pencils
  • Extension cord 
  • Mouse (if you prefer that)

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Camera accessories 

  • Raincoat 
  • Extra snacks and drinks ( I will provide breakfast a few breakfast items) 

I am going to keep updating this list as I think of what you will need. Please check back 

Things you need to bring (so far) 

  • We settle in and have dinner. Jill has volunteered to make a Gluten free vegan lasagna, and I will cook some Italian sausages. 
  • If the weather cooperates, we can do sunset photos, and we will set up and start on our computer work :)


Weekend Schedule

  • Breakfast 8-9 am
  • Friday am website work from 10 - noon. 
  • Website work 2-3 pm
  • Lunch- whatever you want and free time in the afternoon
  • Tour at 3 pm with the Washington Women's Photography circle 
  • Website work / free time rest of the night 


  • Breakfast 8-9 am
  • workshop 9-11:30 am 
  • Noon - 3:00 pm Lunch and afternoon on our own 
  • 3 pm - 5 pm Website work 
  • 5 pm - Dinner, totally fluid on time 
  • Saturday night, hang out and work on the websites


  • Breakfast on your own
  • Check out 11 am


There is a place called Soak on the Sound 

  • Private Salt Water Soaking
  • Private Infrared Saunas 
  • Private soak & Sauna Suit 

You may want to bring a suit if you are interested in checking this out. We may want to do it as a group. 

Choose your own adventure Branding

This branding adventure is underway. This is a simple way to get the branding done and save time and money. This free's up more time to concentrate on the other important things, such as your word smithing, call-to-action tasks, Search Engine Optimization and getting it live! 

Now let's get started on our choose your own adventure branding started 

  • Choose your Color pallet 
  • Choose your Template 
  • Choose your font family

Steps for the choose your own adventure branding

I have several color pallets to choose from to make it easy for you to find that perfect pallet for you and your brand

Pick a handful of color pallets that appeal to you. Save them to your computer and then narrow them down. You can also combine a couple of pallets together. 

Choose your Color Pallet 

Showit has so many amazing free templates to choose from! Look at these free templates and narrow down a couple of your favorites. 

If there are pages on one template you like and pages on another, that is ok too! Showit makes it easy to combine templates and sections of templates. This platform gives you complete creative freedom, and I will show you what you need to know at the retreat! 

Now Let's Look at Templates 

Go to designs → Click on FREE designs to see the full demo's and you will let me know what you are going to use on night one of the retreat! We will get it set up on Thursday night!

At this point, you can use the font that goes with your chosen template or pick one of the font families I have below. They are all free fonts and some of the most popular fonts right now! 

Choose your Font Family

OK! See you in a week!