12 Signs your website needs a refresh!

Websites are essential for anybody who has something to sell or something to give! It is pretty much that simple! It gives credibility to your brand or business, and it is a way you can market yourself. Designing a google optimized and aesthetically pleasing website will help you eventually rank on google, and you will rank higher than your competition – you know that one with the dull and soulless website. 

Are Websites out? No Way!

Ummm 🤔 that is a big NEGATIVE! There is this misconception that websites are out. Recently, a local IT business posted on social media that ‘websites are like phonebooks, nobody uses them.’ Then they said, ‘people use the google pop-up thing on the right side.’ Then he went on to say he is having a new website built; I solemnly swear 🤯!

Kermit telling everybody websites are IN!

The bottom line is that websites are NOT out! More than ever, websites are IN! The last couple of years, people and businesses have been putting their businesses online more than ever! A considerable shift in the tech world made websites MORE relevant. Websites are necessary to give you, your business, and your brand credibility. 

Blogs are IN – So design your new website around that!

Did someone blogs??? Well, blogs are extremely popular and oh so important!! Blogs will improve your SEO up to 500% more than a website without a blog. They help that ‘google pop-up thing on the right side’ pop up when people are googling you! It also makes people know you are an authority in your industry because you have knowledge to share with your audience and clients. It will help people feel more connected to you and your business, and you come off as more trustworthy. 

Desk about Showit websites

Let’s chat if a fresh new shiny website is right for you? 

Well, here are 12 Signs your website needs a refresh!

See if you recognize any of the 10 signs. It’s time for a redesign: REDO!

  1. Your website is not aesthetically pleasing 
  2. Your website doesn’t reflect your brand
  3. You can’t update your website yourself
  4. Website navigation is hard to use
  5. No clear call to action 
  6. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive
  7. A high bounce rate
  8. Slow page speeds
  9. Your site looks like it was built 20 years ago 😉 
  10. It’s been at least 3 years since you updated your site
  11. You are rebranding or shifting your business
  12. Your business has grown, and you’re ready to step up your online game.

Designing your Website

Designing Showit websites on a desk with ferry lights

When building your new website, you will want to design it with strategy and intention. When you’re done with your website, you will finally be able to have a professional look and give you credibility and confidence in your business. Having a little ego boost is always an unknown side effect that a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs tell me after the fact. 

Your website will want to keep your viewer’s attention. When you succeed at that, you will convert those viewers into clients, and your business will eventually rank on google because you are seen as an authority in your industry! 

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12 Signs your website needs a refresh!

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