Remote Work & Camera Essentials 2021

Desktop Supply list for Virtual Assistant and photogrpahers

What lives on my desk!

This remote job list of essentials is a complied list of my favorite things that keeps me working my remote job of being a Virtual Assistant, Website developer and Content Creator! My list of remote work essentials that helps me be productive in my everyday work situation. I work where ever I can, but having a few of my favorite things helps my work flow!

I know that online planners are the way to go for digital nomads, but really so is a good old paper and pen. Being a huge fan of color coordinating, and I am a little obsessed with it. I color code everything in my life. My clothes all hang you in my closet and are in order of color.

Using colors and changes colors keeps my notes and subjects broken up, so really color sets your mood. When you look at specific colors, they can either lighten your mood or negatively impact your mood. I have found I use specific colors consistently, and in the end, these colors ended up being a part of my brand. So color coding my notes and calendars really help me stay organized and keeps the happy vibes flowing.

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Here are some of my favorite pens and note taking items

Desk jobs can suck… but you sometimes have to do it

I have a laptop, and it is nice to have different places to work, but sometimes I am stuck to my desk, and I like to make it as healthy as possible. I found a sit/stand desk that works really well with my desk, and I ended up getting a yoga ball, so I am not always in a chair. The yoga ball is so much better for you than sitting in a chair for hours. As a bonus, you can bounce and get a little exercise 🙂

Do not forget to stand every hour. If I am super busy, I will set a timer.

Staying comfy while working

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Computer Goodies!

Other Items on my remote job list are your essential electronics. I put the links to my favorite items from Amazon because not all items found on amazon are of the same quality.

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My Camera Equipment

Lets talk cameras

I am a Virtual Assistant, but I also like to do photography. Sometimes for local clients, I will do product photography. Or I take it with me traveling and take photos for people on trips or for my blog 🙂

In February of 2020, I went across the world to Bali to take social media, marketing, and photography course. Before I went to Bali, I used my iPhone 11 for all photos, and I was happy with it. Then at school, they rented Canon Mark III’s for those of us who did not have cameras, and I was hooked. It really opened my eyes to the difference between a camera and the phone. So we took the leap and purchased a Mark IV. Here is the link to our new camera.

The camera is heavy and hubby and I were getting tired of wearing it around the neck, so we are using this now!

When I bought my new MacBook Pro computer it did not have any USB ports, so I had to buy a new SD card reader. I have a couple of these and they work fabulous!

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Canon Mark IV is my camera, I have 5 battery’s and I have two SD Card readers

Lens Cap leash, camera clip that can be used for a belt or backpack (also compatible with a go pro and phone), and the crossbody strap that I consider essential.

Why I use paper and not electoronic planners

As a Web Dev Gal & Digital Nomad, it is essential to have the essentials of what any womenprenuer needs to get set up for success. My Remote list was compiled because these are the absolute essential items I have encouraged and influenced other small businesses. Some of these things were recemented to me and some items I have had for years.

My home may not be as organized as I would love it to be, I try. The more organized I am, the better work I do. I always strive to do better with my time management to do more with the family and fit in more adventures.

  • The first thing I need to stay organized has a good organizer. I try to do something daily to keep me going and help me be productive, and certain things help.
  • Brain dumping – where you dump what is on your mind for even 5 minutes helps prioritize things.
  • Meditating a few minutes a day helps clear your mind and relieves stress.
  • Drink plenty of water and when sitting all day with the computer, stand every hour and stretch.
  • Put your phone in another room! It sounds crazy, but the phone creates massive distractions.

Check out this planner – it is my new favorite! SOL Planners


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Remote Work & Camera Essentials 2021

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