Building A Shopify E-Commerce Website

Who should build one and what to expect

Using Shopify

What is Shopify? 

Shopify is an E-commerce store and website, along with a ready-to-use blogging platform with its content editor.  I used it to build a client’s website and I have been hooked!  It is really the perfect website for anybody’s E-commerce business. 

Shopify is perfect for 

– E-commerce Entrepreneurs

– Bloggers looking to sell product online

– Small businesses wanting to start a dropship shore

– Online store owners

– Entrepreneurs selling digital products

– E-Commerce stores who plan on driving traffic to their website with marketing

Shopify is an E-commerce store and website, along with a ready-to-use blogging platform with its content editor.

Why you should use Shopify for your small business

Shopify looks great, and it is easy to upkeep!

Shopify offers really competitive prices with different tiers. You can also buy your domain name through them if you do not already have one, or transfer one to Shopify. They give you two weeks free to set up the website and get it going.  

Shopify is an E-commerce store and website, along with a ready-to-use blogging platform with its content editor.

Shopping is easy for your clients

Shopify is super easy to navigate, so your clients will have an optimal shopping experience on your website. 

Filling Orders on Shopify

On your end, filling orders is easy, and you have everything you need.  You can also use the dropship option if you are working with a distributor, so easy peasy. 

Adding Product

Product listing is simple and easy. Collections help you organize your products and make organizing your product on your page easily. 

You can keep track of your inventory here and run reports on products you are selling.

Check out Process

Shopify has perfected the check out process. It gives your clients plenty of payment options and makes it so easy to check out quickly and efficiently. It makes it easy for your clients to shop and buy the product with many options available.

There is also the abandoned cart feature that will email your clients if they leave without completing the sale. This feature will capture more sales that would have been lost otherwise. 

Shopify makes driving traffic to your Website easy peasy

Shopify makes it easy to drive traffic to your website with easy to use marketing tools and easy SEO. These features will help drive more traffic to your website, which ultimately converts to more sales. 

Shopify is an E-commerce store and website, along with a ready-to-use blogging platform with its content editor.

Automated Mailing System on Shopify

Having an automated mailing system is quite valuable for your clients as well. You can use the Shopify Automated system, or connect your mailing system through their app store. 

Pages and Blogs

Easily organize your website by adding pages and blog posts. Later, you can use those blogs to relay information to your clients and bring value to your product. I also strongly suggest using these blog posts to drive traffic to your website using SEO and Pinterest (more on that later). 

Easy to use Apps on Shopify

Shopify also makes it really easy to expand your functionality with apps that will improve your business and take it to the next level. 

Get reports and Analytics

In your back office, you can keep track of your store performance with detailed analytics. 

This platform gives you information on overall performance and detailed reports on your best selling products and your website traffic with an upgrade. 

Shopify is perfect for your Drop shift businesses

Did you know that Shopify is particularly known for its drop shipping ? This platform allows people to start fully automated eCommerce businesses without any large investment.

Hire me to help you with your Shopify Journey!

All I can say is I love making Shopify Websites.

My personal passion is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and be a part of their success.

I am always there for my clients from start to finish and beyond if needed. My ultimate goal is to set my clients up for success and for them to be able to upkeep their websites with ease.

I also can be hired after the fact to do upgrades and updates.

If you are interested in a free consultation to see if I am a good fit for helping you with your Shopify website, feel free to email, call, or text me.

Work with me!

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Building A Shopify E-Commerce Website

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