Photography Website in a Weekend Retreats at Point Wilson Lighthouse

Hey, women photographers!  If you can imagine yourself at a PNW Lighthouse next to the Olympic National Park hanging out with photographers, sipping on coffee & watching the sunrise while building a website for your photography… then we should connect! 

How this thing got started!

After meeting up with many fellow photographers and being asked about building a website, I came up with this concept after visiting my friend, who is the Light House Keeper at Point Wilson! The retreat is less expensive than a custom website build, and you are hands-on, so you learn to maintain and update it as well. 

I help you with the tech part ahead of time, and at the retreat, I help you with branding your Website, mentor you, and work with you to set up your Website. You should have your website done and complete by the time you leave, however I am available for a couple of months after for continued education and questions.

Where I build your new Photography Website

I build on Showit / WordPress. Showit is a website platform based in Arizona and started niching in websites for photographers and creatives. 

Photographers need a website to share their photography with the world, including potential clients. A website is necessary to direct people in the right direction to book services or purchase prints! 

On breaks, we will enjoy access to Fort Worden and get a Lighthouse tour.

What the Photography Website in a Weekend includes

  • Fully optimized website templates, that were built for photographers and are ready to go
  • Branding options, color pallets and font options
  • E-book for wordsmithing and 1-1 support to help you gather the necessary content for your Website build
  • Assistance with your domain and help with other things such as finding a shop and setting up what you need to escalate your business
  • 1 – 1 support showing you how to customize your new Website, update, SEO, and maintain it
  • 2 months of continued support after the retreat

Photography Website Templates for the Retreat

The Website retreat also includes 

  • Tour of the Lighthouse
  • Full access to Fort Worden for doing photography
  • Continental Breakfast from a local bakery included
  • For every participant, I donate $75 back to Point Wilson Lighthouse restoration funds
  • This is a shared house with fellow retreat ladies with your OWN room

Why I use Showit to build my websites

After using half a dozen different platforms, I found Showit to be the best and easiest platform. You will have design freedom, super easy to upkeep, and you will have total creative control. They also have amazing customer service, and automatic backups are included in the monthly cost.

Can I have a blog

YES! I love using the blog with my showit website more than any other platform. You design your blog on the showit platform and manage it on WordPress. Connect to WordPress through your domain and manage it on the WordPress platform. 

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If you have questions or want to pick my brain feel free to email me at, hit me on my socials, or schedule a free chat

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Photography Website in a Weekend Retreats at Point Wilson Lighthouse

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