Customizing your new Showit Template

Customizing your new Showit Template

Sometimes you’re browsing through Showit Website templates, and suddenly you found ‘the’ one! The website that will perfectly fit your business and brand! It is calling your name, and after thinking about it, you purchase it, and then you’re thinking, I am so excited, but now what!?!  No worries, I got you! 

Let’s talk about what you need to customize your new Showit template.

I am here to share all the good stuff to help you get it done right!  Here is a list of things to have ready

  • Branding colors
  • Optimized and branded photos
  • Logos (different variations)
  • Fonts (if you are not using the fonts that came with the template)
  • Copy for the website with your branded tone
  • The domain is purchased and ready to go
  • Any blog post you want launched with your website
  • A good idea of the SEO keywords you will want to use for your website

Add your Photos and Logos to your media library

Upload your images and logos to the Media Library. You have folders you can add and keep your media organized, which will help a ton! I like to create a folder for things such as logos, fonts, stock photos, different photoshoots, etc.

Set up your branding colors 

There are 8 colors you can set in your color palette. Setting up these colors will help give you easy access to customize elements, including text, shapes, and icons within your site.

Templates are designed similar and when you want to customize your site, it makes it easy and convenient to change it up. 

 Design Tips – play with your colors. Having alternating color backgrounds helps make the website aesthetically pleasing and will keep eyes on your website. Go change up some things and have fun! 


Your template will come with preloaded fonts, and some people choose to use them, and some want to change them based on their brand completely. Under Design Settings, you can customize your fonts, and you have 4 different categories to adjust. 

  • title
  • heading
  • subheading
  • paragraph

Replace the wording with your own words. I see this is something people miss a lot, and they have some random rambling, so make sure you double-check it!

Make sure you check your mobile design and adjust it the way you want.

Website elements  – You can literally drag and drop your elements all around. 


If you have a blog, you will want to set up your blog design on the showit platform. The template should have your blog settings all set up, and it should work once you set up the WordPress side. 

The WordPress side is where you keep your blog post and manage the blog’s content. It is also where you can add plugins you may want to use for your blog, such as Yoast for SEO. 

More advanced settings to get your website online

You will need to contact showit’s website and get the domain settings to connect the website to the domain. After that, you will want to click on the name on the top left and update your site settings. This is where you add your domain, change and update your name and get your blog set up to connect to your WordPress. 

It is quite the process, but that is why designers like me exist! If you are not in the mood or do not have a week off of work, let’s have a free chat to see if you would like to save your sanity and time. If you still want to DIY but need a little coaching on how to use showit and the ins and outs of the platform, I offer that service too! LINK TO SERVICE PAGE 

Showit Customer service has amazing customer service and videos to help you with this. If you do not want to spend the day figuring this out and want to hire me to finalize the loose ends, I have full day, half-day VIP days or hourly rates to get you going! You can set up a chat here or send me an email. 

If you have questions or want to pick my brain feel free to email me at

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Customizing your new Showit Template

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