Branding Tips for small businesses & Entrepreneurs

Since you’re likely not a brand or website designer by trade, I have some branding tips to help you through the process! These Branding tips are perfect if you are a small business or entrepreneurs. If you fit this mold then you will appreciate the following goodies.

Getting Started with your Branding

Why is having your branding important? 🌝 Being Cohesive is going to get you noticed and it will help people remember and identify you and your business. When your branding reflect you and your business your overall vibe will resonate with your audience / potential clients! so I hope this branding tips will help you get started! πŸ˜€

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Branding tips Showit

01. Choose neutral and contrasting colors βœ¨

The general rules are to choose 2-3 primary colors, 1-2 pops of color, and 1-2 neutral tones.

My branding is pretty simple, but bringing in the contrasting colors brings it life and prevents it from being cold or dull. Your contrasting colors need to complement each other, and the rich and contrasting tones bring to life your more neutral tones. Those more neutral tones may be too soft and light without those contrasting colors, so pick ones that pop!  

02. Pairing colors & branding Tips βœ¨βœ¨

My current branding is white, blue, and green. How did I come up with those colors? I am a Pacific Northwest Website Designer, and I want people to think of the Pacific Northwest when they think of me, my business and overall brand. I am also a Pacific Northwest Blogger too (I have a whole other website,, so when I was building my brand, the natural choice for me was blue and green. These colors resonate with me because of my love of nature, water, and the woods! 

If I want to go deeper, here is the breakdown of my branding

Blue – think water and sky, so my color choice for the blue hue is based on some of my favorite places in the Pacific Northwest. Who doesn’t love being on the water and adventuring in sunny blue skies!

Green – think the woods, which I also have a thing for. The forest to me is nature, and nature is my happy place. I love camping, hiking, adventuring, and walking in the woods. The forest, to me, is peaceful and calm and green! 

I generally stick to lighter beige or grey tones. But, I bring in pops of color, primarily blue, with a couple of places I may sneak in green. I recently rebranded, so I did have more green, but I did an update after six months! 

03. Branding tips for using your brightest colors ✨✨✨

This one is really quick and easy but has a high-level impact when you do it! Apply your brightest/boldest/most noticeable color(s) to your Call to Action buttons and/or text. We want the eye to gravitate easily to these buttons. After all, this is what you’re working SO hard for! You want the user to purchase your product, subscribe to your list, and hire you! So make it easy for them to find that button and click it. Color is the quickest, most efficient way there!

If you want to go deeper with your branding, let’s chat. 

If you’re trying to DIY your branding or want a starting point, check out these websites to get some color pallet ideas 

04. Fonts  ✨✨✨✨

Your template will come with preloaded fonts, and some people choose to use them, and some want to change them based on their brand completely. Showit has a lot of google fonts already preloaded so that you can look for your desired font there, or you can add your custom font. If you have a custom font to add to the website, they can be added in the woff extension. 

You can adjust Font, Size, Line Height, Letter Spacing, Alignment, Letter Case, Color, and Bottom Margin. Remember your settings on desktop and mobile are different so that you can customize each one individually. 

after you replace the fonts and colors, like magic, it is a completely different website with your branding already, and that is before you updated the photos and copywriting.

Time for more magic

05. Images  ✨✨✨✨✨

Upload your images and logos to the Media Library. You have folders you can add and keep your media organized, which will help a ton! I create a folder for things such as logos, fonts, stock photos, different photoshoots, etc.

You look aesthetically pleasing and cohesive when you have brand images with your branding colors! If you do not have a lot of professional photos yet, go check out or to get you started.

06. branding Tips for Your words! ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Time for the magic to happen with your copywriting, calls to action, and general info! Having these things is essential when you are putting together your website.

When your writing your copy for your website, you want to speak directly to your target audience. Make sure when you are writing it, you are keeping that in mind and capturing their attention. 

I hope these branding tips will help get you thinking πŸ’­ of what you need to do to get started. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part! If you want to have a free chat hit me up! πŸ€™

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Branding Tips for small businesses & Entrepreneurs

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